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Oga Village View Resort

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Boasting a garden, a shared lounge, and a terrace, Village View Resort features accommodation in Bolpur with free WiFi and garden views.Village View resort (VVR) will provide the experience of living in a real village with thatched roof, concrete walls camouflaged with Rangamati (clay typical of Birbhum) and Work of Adivasi artist and craftsperson all around. Unique opportunity if desired to mingle with villagers.VVR is surrounded by a vast agricultural land on three sides and an open space leading to the village in front. The view on three sides change depending on the color and growth of the planted crop. In the rainy season, it is green as far as the eye could see. In winter it is multi-color depending in the crop being planted and the flowers we grow. From each cottage, you can chat, if you wish, with the farmer working in the field.

This resort was designed by the retired owner of a Professional Engineering firm in New York City, an avid independent (as opposed to participant of conducted tours) world traveler who spent countless nights in budget (when paid from his pocket) and luxury ( mostly when his clients paid for it) accommodations in urban and rural areas of developed and developing countries, who was raised in Bolpur and a village near Bolpur and earned “Super host” status for years from AIRBNB for his vacation home rental in POCONO, PA, USA. Few shortcomings from guest’s point of view in his former Pocono home which was designed and built by him (as opposed to buying a developer built or existing house), has been taken care of while conceptualizing this resort.Travelers whether for pleasure or business have widely varied requirements, preferences and sometimes diametrically opposite expectations for the price they pay. This resort is best suited for pleasure travelers who prefer calm authentic village environment than the hustle bustle normal in a big resort, where group members have varied interest from playing Table Tennis to playing vocal music in a moonlit night. This resort is more attractive to those who prefer unobstructed view all around and easy chance to explore an entire authentic village or Adivasi village (they are different) by foot or bicycle loaned from us and mingle with villagers or do fishing or swimming in the village ponds in addition to enjoying our outdoor aquarium of pet fishes. Bullock cart ride on extra payment via villagers is possible. Also, we started growing a few species of edible fishes on an experimental basis in small water bodies within the compound. Fruits, flower and vegetable plants including few popular species of mushroom have been planted in plentiful. For vegetables we avoid chemicals, and some are used for guests’ meal.

Business travelers will have space with or without modification to conduct small gathering and use of high-speed dedicated internet and a desktop with much popular software. They can make limited overseas calls free in selected overseas countries. USA resident relatives can call guests through USA local calls. The important advantage is, only four families sharing the cost as a group can use the resort as their private resort. No stranger to deal with.Adivasi men and women covered the walls with locally available clay called Rangamati and decorated portion of cottages with typical Adivasi artwork. This resort will be a lifesaver for tourists who have dietary restrictions and want to have reasonable vigilance not only over the ingredients of their food items but how they are cooked (more oil and spice or no oil, no spice). Enthusiastic tourist can buy a duck from the villager and use the outdoor BBQ grill. In short, besides accommodation, we offer the flexibility of customization of services and food to a great extent. Sometimes we buy a goat from the local villagers and slaughter under our supervision and store in our deep freeze. Till now a fishmonger delivers locally caught fishes every morning. Imported fishes like Hilsa, Chetal etc. can be procured against a specific order.The base price for accommodation and food of Village View has been arrived at after weighted comparison with respective prices in few high-end resorts nearby. We maintain that our accommodation component has the lowest price within 10 miles radius of Shantiniketan considering cleaner and calmer environment, room size and décor comprising glass ceiling below thatched roof, quality of bed and furniture, amount of private and shared space per head, privacy and flexibility of use, number and quality of amenities and amount of natural light and air guest can enjoy by design, Guaranteed. We will not only bring down the price to match with identified “other”, based on these criteria only but offer another 10% discount on top of any other discount that you might be eligible if you successfully challenge our statement via reference to any published listing. However, any of our offered amenity may be unavailable without notice for reasons beyond our control. Therefore if any offered amenity plays a crucial part in your decisions making, please let us know beforehand. We would make sure that the amenity is available before booking and provide reasonable compensation if that amenity becomes unavailable during your stay. For example, if the presence of aquarium is one of your declared main reasons of booking for the pleasure of your accompanying grandchildren, a compensation of Rupees one hundred per night per cottage will be provided if the aquarium is not available for any reason. Total compensation per room should not exceed Rupees one hundred fifty per night per luxury cottage for non-availability of more than one identified amenity.

Distance of the hotel form the BOLPUR RAILWAY STATION is 5 km.


Max Adults 4

Max Children 1

Rate per night: 2800.00

1 ( ₹ 2,800)

Oga Village View Resort , BOLPUR RAILWAY STATION
  • Air Conditioning
  • Wireless Internet
  • Breakfast
  • TV

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