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Oga Hotel AKMG, Dindigul
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At the intersection of kindness and comfort,  exquisite Hotel AKMG, a quintessentially Typical Dindigul retreat thanks to the support of our incredible local artists, craftspeople, and business owners combined with the perfect location Nestled in the heart of the Main Street District. Wrapped in color, creativity, and charm, our 41-Budget classic rooms combined into one – the first of its kind in all of Dindigul. We have rewritten the rules of Southern Hospitality at Dindigul with a unique blend of curated guest experiences and services, good old fashioned thoughtfulness. Free Internet access via Wi-Fi , and electric sockets that support all kinds of electronic equipment. You will love the spaciousness of the room and the work space for two or more people, perfect for business. The rooms are large and very clean.



Room Type: Deluxe Single Occupancy AC Rooms

Max Adults 1

Max Children 0

Rate per night: 999.00

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Room Type: Deluxe Double Occupancy AC Rooms

Max Adults 2

Max Children 0

Rate per night: 1250.00

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